Flock.aero is one of the products we’ve developed during my time with FltCtrl Ltd. The initial idea behind Flock was to deliver comprehensive, open, community managed business aviation directory on the web.

After launching the MVP we’ve learned that community while happy to use the data in the directory, was not very quick to add to it. Users most likely to update the entries were company representatives updating profiles of their businesses.

So we’ve focused on building and advertising company profiles and management features. This proven to be successful pivot:  soon we’ve had well over 500 aviation businesses claiming and managing their Flock profiles.  

Next, we’ve learned – mostly through sales and support process and one on one conversations with customers – that directory model itself was not driving enough value.

This informed our big pivot – turning Flock Aviation Directory into Flock Aviation Marketplace. Since mid-2018 Flock has facilitated well over 1,500 inquiries in various forms and at the beginning of 2020 launched simple in-app request management system.

My Role

As a Lead Product Designer I’ve worked closely with Founder and General Manager helping define the business requirements, designing user flows, mockups, layouts, diving into with front-end code (haml/sass) to support developers when required and finally gathering product analytics and user feedback. I’ve also managed a small development team I’ve assembled in Cracow, helping them turn designs into working product on a daily basis.