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October 8, 2016


October 8, 2016


October 8, 2016


October 8, 2016

What They’re Saying

Mariusz and I worked closely together on designing the beta version of our app. He did an exemplary job gathering my ideas on weekly calls, understanding our business domain, narrowing our discussions down into well-defined problems and focused, elegant solutions.

It is a credit to Mariusz’s skills that my startup was accepted into the Y Combinator startup accelerator and landed several large enterprise customers early on. During our interview, no less than YC President Sam Altman said: I love the design. It’s beautiful. It brings together all the key pieces.

Alex PatriquinFounder & CEO at EventGeek (YC s16)

His ideas and instincts are top-notch. He brings his expertise into the project with such clarity and sense that we know he has thought thru the usability and design from all possible angles. And not only can Mariusz create designs, he can also communicate them well to the team, expound on all the intricacies of user experience and defend his ideas.

Moreover, Mariusz has managed to educate all of us about good usability designs in the short amount of time we've worked with him.

Irene Ico GanSr. Business Analyst, Sabre Airline Solutions

Mariusz is one of the smartest designers that I have worked with. Highly talented, full of valuable opinion and feedback, hilariously funny, and a deeply liked and respected team member.

He is a great problem solver with a set of analytical skills and passion for detail which makes him a real deal when it comes to product design. Mariusz is a real joy to work with; he truly added something special to our work place.

Tomasz RupikCo Founder at Bleesk

Mariusz is a standout talent. I had the pleasure of working with him for over a year in Sabre, collaborating on several projects and initiatives.

Mariusz has a wonderful combination of skills: he can not only create user-friendly, efficient and attractive design, but he can also sell it and defend it with unparalleled pertinence and bluntness.

Add in his innovation and creativity, and here you have: a designer you and your product need.

Ewa SobulaPrincipal Product Manager at Zendesk

Mariusz is an excellent, broadly skilled, designer. In fact designer may be the wrong word - in Cloudvertical Mariusz created slick web sites and landing pages, prototyped from scratch new products, created product and web site content and ran marketing campaigns - as well as designing and building the product UI and UX. Mariusz will do well in whatever role he applies himself to.

Ed ByrneGeneral Partner at Scaleworks
Product design is what I do

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